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Modern L J Pilates (near Selby, North Yorkshire) is an ideal form of exercise for strengthening and lengthening your muscles and in general correcting poor posture. It is also used for rehabilitation helping those recovering from back, shoulder and pelvic problems, weak abdominals (core stability) and pregnancy. Individuals in sports training also benefit from the addition of a Modern Pilates Programme.

Time for something new?........

Have you thought about starting a Pilates class ? Here at Modern LJ Pilates we specialise in helping you to relieve your aches and pains by providing a modern range of effective principles and exercises based on up to date research from the world of Physiotherapy and Pilates exercises, ideal for anyone wishing to improve posture, strengthen their back and reduce a range of back, shoulder, neck and pelvic pain.

Don't forget, private training is also available on request, please call or email for further information.


L U X P I L A T E S Retreat 2017 in Italy

An amazing new way to immerse yourself in Modern Pilates, fine cuisine, local wines, Italian history and so much more ....call or email for more details

Please let me know if you interested by emailing me on leonie@ljmodernpilates.co.uk or call me on 07970 814085.

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